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Before Covid-19 arrived in Europe, I was dealing with changes in my life that I made to get back to being truly happy with the woman that I was seeing every day in the mirror and not just breathing.

After coming back from a long vacation in Italy with my parents, where we discuss face to face, my depression, and the treatment that I was following to get better, I truly started questioning my work life at the time and everything in my life.

I was not doing well at work at all, I was entirely not happy, and to make things worse I felt this big sadness when I was going to work, and I just wanted to cry.

It took me two months and a half to leave it since I couldn't cope with it, I was so miserable, and even my friends and colleagues at work saw it so when I resigned there where not hard feelings but total support and I will always be grateful for it.

I knew that I did want to talk to people as much as I did as a receptionist, and I was lucky enough to find a job as an extra waitress at a hotel at their buffet for breakfast and lunch.

I started as well as working extra every opportunity I got as a waitress in other places and even went back to the gym. Slowly things were going my way, and I was not just breathing anymore, but I was truly living.

But my happiness lasted three months when Corona hit Europe and changed my life again, but for the first time, I was okay with it, and I have to thank Corona because it gave me the power to start so many things that I craved.

I'm not going to tell you that my ride has been the best, but I'm trying to do the best for myself every day and even on the days where I just want to let go and stay in bed, not facing the world I still get up at least to shower which even in does days showering is too much to bear.

I learned to cherish my family and my friends and a completely new different way; we still have our boundaries. Always, the unconditional love and support open a completely new door and an original path in our lives.

I have a new respect for my work life that I lacked in the past, as well for the simple things I took for granted before because my ego didn't think they were that important.

This blog has inspired me so much, as well as the support I have received, and the thought that it could help someone brings me immense joy. I genuinely believe that life is not about taking but is about giving and being vulnerable with others, sharing your power with others so they can also succeed in their lives, and being thankful every step of the way.

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