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Dear Mami,

I'm writing this letter to make sure that you know how much I appreciate you and everything that you do for me.

Ever since I can recall in my childhood, you have always been there for me, supporting me and pushing me to be the best version of myself. When others try to put me down and make me feel less, you make sure to remind me and them how amazing I am.

You taught me the importance of loving myself and self-respect, you taught me also that what others may think or judge they have about my life doesn't depend on them but only on me, because I'm the architect of it.

Your compassion, your empathy, the infinite love that you give me, your words of wisdom are the strength that keeps me pushing every day in this crazy world.

When I look at you, I see a fighter, a hustler, a businesswoman, a queen that has overcome all her fears to raise her daughters as queens to give them the tools to conquer the world.

My main goal in life is to make you proud so that somehow I can pay you for your endless support because I know there will never be time, words, or gestures for it.

Being far from you has been hard and some days more than others, but you have always made me feel like the distance between us is unexisting, and you have become with time, not my mother but my best friend.

I cherish the times we spend together now more than before, with time I have learned to understand you and I have come to realize that your job was never easy and I apologize if I made you cry or made you mad with my stupid behavior or actions.

I'm the strong woman that I'm today because of you, and there is not a day that goes by that I cannot thank the world enough for giving the privilege of being your daughter.


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