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Life is hard, and must of the time, it feels so unfair, but like in every journey is up to us to make the best out of it.

Ever since Coronavirus started in Sweden back in March, I became unemployed, so I stayed home waiting for my unemployment check, and regardless of my desperation after three months of bills and savings, slowly evaporating. Finally, I got something.

As well, friends that I consider family also moved away from Kiruna, which broke my heart in a way to have to say goodbye for now.

We always knew that day was going to happen since I personally always stated that my living plan was for only five years here, and I will reach my goal this November.

But I'm comfortable and them leaving is the push to do so myself, but because of Covid-19, I will wait two more years and work still on myself and my goals to do it in the right way.

I will not lie, It has been a difficult time for my head, because I'm in the progress of stopping my anti depressives, but I started my blog and started putting my energy in things that I love, and that has helped me so much.

I got so inspire and started making live streaming events with family and friends about topics to educate myself and others and also to introduce you to the fantastic people in my life that, in a way, pushed me to be my best version and upgrade always.

Now I will be working for only one month in a mountain lodge in Abisko as an evening waitress, and I love this opportunity but also the place.

I have never been the nature type of girl, but this is just so peaceful, and I'm so grateful for my life so far.

The hard times gave me this blog and the opportunity to feel completely free like I have never felt before; Now, I have a different way of looking towards my present, and I'm taking nothing for granted.

Gratitude is vital in life and as many tears that I have left in my pillow because of my struggles; now, I'm happy to cry tears of happiness for been where I'm and having my fantastic mess up life.

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