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It's 2020, and it took a pandemic for the world to stop completely, to finally listen to black people asking to be treated as equals and to have justice in a system that keeps cheating them every day.

After the video of George Floyd being murder by four cops went viral and seeing not justice, the black community had enough, and they marched on the streets of Minneapolis demanding justice.

A justice that every person of color felt taken away when not even the President of the USA call for it.

Police brutality is not a new issue in the black community in the USA. Still, thanks to the modern era of technology, more and more cases are getting documented, and there is no more way to deny them.

It was not the first video of injustice that was viral, but for some reason, every time the governments just promised changes, that never see the sun. Everyone just goes back to their healthy lives, forgetting about the issue of colorism.

But colorism is real and is not just in the USA is all over the world; in Europe, we have parties that are racist, fascist, and nazism very openly, and the more we go on, the more we see people agree with these parties.

It's scary to think that instead of focusing on being citizens of this world, we find new ways to discriminate against each other.  Some people understand others are condemning the movement or the slogan black lives matter since, for some is not correct since all lives matter.

The thing is no one ever said that all lives didn't matter, but you have to be a hypocrite to say that black people are treated equally in this world.

There is hope, and people are speaking up and want to see changes, people of different ethnicities have come together to fight for justice, and the fight is going to be a long one, but there is a breeze of change that is coming and is just for the better for humanity.

Personally, in my life have been discriminated against because of my skin or have to listen to ignorant comments.  Still, I'm proud of my skin color, that magic in my melanin makes me beautiful and unique, and if I were born again, I would choose to be black still.

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